freewrite #6

August 5, 2009

I guess the reason I first became interested in Green Acres Program was from stumbling by an advertisement for it at a local restaurant.  I knew we needed to complete a formal writing on public space for this course so I decided to look more into it.  After a dinner discussion I later found out that a portion of my backyard is Green Acres space that was acquired.  Once I began researching the Green Acres Program I realized it would be perfect for a discussion on public space.  In fact the purpose of the program is to save and create more public spaces.  I wanted to know how effective this program was, how it  works and survey the people of Cherry Hill to find out some of the pros and cons of it.  I would say that my inquiry questions are still the same.  I further researched how this correlates with global warming.  That was very interesting.

I knew absolutely nothing about the Green Acres Program before I started doing research.  I learned that state legislature voted with strong bipartisan support in the senate and assembly to let the New Jersey voters decide whether to continue the state’s investment in open space.  I have gotten the statistics on Cherry Hill public space as well as had an in depth conversation with the New Jersey State governor on why he approves Green Acres Program.

I would still like to know what some of the battles were over the creation of Green Acres.  For example, builders hate the Green Acres Program.  Say a builder buys six acres of land; the Green Acres Program requires that you allocate ten percent of that land for public space.  I am still interested in what other complications arose when designing this.

There are no incongruities amongst my sources.  All seem to be in favor of Green Acres Program providing ample facts to prove why it is necessary.  I still have yet to decide if I truly am in favor of it.  I will give my opinions on the topic at the end of the week.  All sources provide examples of the Green Acres Program as successful.  Including specific land masses that turn out to be famous areas of public space.

My evolving thesis will start off with the general idea that the Green Acres Program was created.  Throughout the paper I will include arguments that show how the Green Acres Program is successful and then make a statement that will rebuttal that argument.

The New Jersey implemented Green Acres Program may not instantly be seen as significant to many residents, however its affect on public space is vital to the development and preservation for our State.


freewrite #5

July 27, 2009

After reading Sibley’s article again it becomes very clear to see how his arguments are made in such a free flowing way.  Of course Sibley uses his sources to help prove his argument.  However, he does it in a way where the source does not necessarily make the point for him, but introduce it.  In other words, the Sibley reading is an entire argument made my Sibley with sources being used as confirmations or guidelines.  When I first wrote my research proposal I allowed my sources to speak for me.  This in turn makes me a much weaker writer.  Sibley’s sources add emphasis and deepen the argument without overpowering the paper.

Gilmore, Tom. “An Investment In Our Future.” NJ Keep It Green. The Record, 19 May 2009.

“Every New Jersey resident who has sipped clean drinking water, observed wildlife, or walked or played in a park has enjoyed some of the benefits of our state’s open space.”

This quote brings the term open space to a new mindset.  While most people would first think about open parks (which they may not really care about) this quote puts the term in a different light.  Open space will benefit everyone.

Gilbert, Tom. “Groups Applaud State Legislators for Granting Voters.” NJ Keep It Green. 25 June 2009.

“Today the State Legislature voted with strong bipartisan support in the Senate (26 Yes, 7 No) and Assembly (66 Yes, 9 No, 3 Abstain) to let the New Jersey voters decide in November whether to continue the state’s investments in open space.

This provides straight facts will help to support my argument for implementing the Green Acres Program.  Also it shows that State Legislature obviously gave the publics opinion into account when determining whether or not to use Green Acres Program.

“CHEAC Provides Mayor with Open Space Priority List.” Cherry Hill Township. 2009.

“In addition to leaving open space remain in its natural state, CHEAC has undertaken projects to develop nature and hiking trails at a few existing open space parcels. Cherry Hill has more than 130 tracts of wholly undeveloped open space land, such as wooded areas and open fields, covering more than 700 acres. The Township also had about 90 partially developed open space tracts covering more than 500 acres, which house such resources as nature trails, playgrounds, ball fields, and historical sites.”

This shows the importance of open space specifically to Cherry Hill.  This site will be used as one of my primary sources for information on Cherry Hill along with my interview.

freewrite #4

July 27, 2009

For this assignment I chose to use the website as a whole instead of just one article.  First I used the, “New Jersey Keep It Green” website which advocates for the Green Acres Program.  The Keep It Green website represent over 125 statewide environmental organizations.  These organization are all for New Jersey’s Green Acres Program and saving open space.  The purpose of the website is to inform all residents of New Jersey future environmental goals.  When searching for information on the Green Acres Program I stumbled upon this website as both this website refers to the Green Acres Program website; so to does the Green Acres Program refer to the Keep It Green website.  I would consider this website to be truthful, reliable, current, as well as relevant to my topic.

I then went off and used a category of Cherry Hill Township’s webpage titled “Cherry Hill Environmental Advisory Commitee.”  This gave me a wealth of information on open space in New Jersey, specifically Cherry Hill.  This so far has been my most useful online source in terms of unbiased information.  I consider this website to be truthful, balanced and current.  This type of source has been difficult for me to find so I am happy I came across this.

The Keep It Green website is completely for the Green Acres Program; and while the Cherry Hill Township website is pro Green Acres Program as well the information is put in a more realistic way.  By that I mean there are pros, but there are also cons.  This is something that I have not been able to find to much of.  Such as saving open space could force our community to cease from expanding.  Property taxes could go up.  This assignment helped me to see more of the larger picture with my research.

July 20, 2009

For my primary research method I will mainly focus on analysis, but will also be conducting an interview.  I will be collecting data on the Green Acres Program and looking into patterns.  I will need to find more facts about the program and see just how effective it is/has been.  There is a decent amount of literature on this topic and a wealth of information online.  I can perform a survey asking people around Cherry Hill what they think of the program and if they would change anything.  Also, I will be conducting an interview with the New Jersey State Senator John Adler.  He happens to be a family friend of mine so I will be able to easily sit down with him for a little and conduct a Q & A.  I have already spoken to him about it and he is more then willing to do this.  He can give me insight on some of the more intricate details of the program.  He will know how it is affecting all of New Jersey and just how successful it is.  My bias toward this topic would be that sadly I am not the most “green friendly” person in the world.  So I guess I don’t appreciate open land as much as other people would?  I am going into this open minded and really am completely in favor of the Green Acres Program so if anything my bias will somewhat help me with writing my paper.  These next few weeks should be very interesting conducting this research.

June 26, 2009

For my sustained research project I have chosen to focus on the agreement between the state of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Green Acres Program and the Township of Cherry Hill for the planning incentive program.  Whereas, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Green Acres Program provides loans and/or grants to municipal and county governments and grants to nonprofit organizations for assistance in the acquisition and development of lands for outdoor recreation and conservation purposes.  The Township of Cherry Hill has been active in the State’s Planning Incentive Program since February, 2003 and to date has received a total of $2,050,000 and intends to increase the program with an additional $450,000.

In summary this amendment requires a certain amount of, “empty space” to be left open as “empty space.”  Cherry Hill is fairly populated with a population of 71,586 in a 24.4 sq mile area.  This act requires a certain amount of land to be saved to be left alone.  You cannot build on it; it simply has to be like a park area.  This act should help out with problems such as global warming.  I look forward to doing more research in this area.

June 22, 2009

From the reading last week we learned about different public spaces.  These include: exhibit-display spaces, passage spaces, special use spaces, secure spaces, and backstage spaces.  I chose a couple of images that clearly put themselves in the category of one of these spaces.


This would be an example of a passage space.  A national park is an area where people can walk together with others in a common social space without having to keep constant eye out for automobiles.  You can enjoy nature and conversation.  No part of it is marked for special use; simply just to enjoy.  Nobody is being deterred from using this space except for people that ruin it for others.  This is a very enjoyable use of public space.


This sign is an example of a special use space.  A sign like this can be seen in the parking lot of Carousel Mall.  In my opinion this is a total joke and I never follow this.  It is designed to reward people who purchase fuel efficient vehicles.  I find it very funny when I go to the mall and find these spaces open.  They are typically the first ten spots in every row and I will park there with my inifiniti truck.  I definitely violate the rules for this space.


This is an example of a secure space.  It is a warning to drivers that the law is strictly enforced in this area.  Speeding is not tolerated anywhere, but especially here.  Possibly because children are playing on this street a lot, or maybe animals cross this road regularly.  Either way this sign helps to keep this space secure.

June 15, 2009


Transgressive signs go beyond their limit. In other words transgressive signs are put in the wrong place at the wrong time or for the wrong reasons.  This is a transgressive sign that is a little bit different from those that we looked at before.  If you saw this sign on a road you were approaching what would your initial reaction be?  It is so contradicting that it is completely confusing.  Enter Only but do not enter.  This sign is transgressive because it is so incompatible and possibly a shot taken on public space.  The driver would determine whether or not this is transgressive when passing by on the road.  I would imagine much uproar would be made about this sign as it could cause accidents and much confusion.