June 1, 2009


The purpose of this sign is for no smoking.  It is clearly an icon because its physically represents what it stands for.  “Do Not Smoke.”  These signs can be found on airplanes, restaurants, and in fact many public spaces nowadays.  The reason for this is because not everyone likes the smell of smoke and second hand smoke is bad for us.  It is attempting to stop people from smoking.


This image is a symbol.  I chose this image because of the font that it is written in.  When most people see this type of font it symbolizes pac-man.  Even though it does not say it, many people think of it because of the font.  Thus, this font symbolizes pac-man.  It can be seen in arcades and online.  This font makes us think of pac-man.


This road sign is the perfect example of an index.  This sign represents information to a location on the road.  Such as, “slippery when wet.”  These can be found all over the country on all types of roads.


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  1. alevtow Says:

    I like that you chose to write about the font of the word symbol to connect it with video games. I didnt really realize that until i read it but now when i look at the letters all i can think about is pacman. That was a really good creative choice for a symbol.

  2. kanangle Says:

    I like all the symbols you chose, the smoking one was interesting to read for you mentioned that sign exists because people might not like the smell, or like smoke around them which only makes more sense as to why smoking is bad. This sign is becoming more popular and is not allowed in more areas everyday, its good that you mentioned that.

  3. Kevin Smith Says:

    It’s interesting, isn’t it, that the no-smoking sign is both iconic (the cigarette and smoke) and symbolic (the red circle with a line through it)–it’s kind of neat how quickly our brains interpret these images, though.

  4. danielle75 Says:

    Kevin makes a great point about your No Smoking sign. While doing this assignment I have come to realize how many “NO” signs (the red circle with a line through it) there really are. I think our brains do interpret those images quickly, but wonder if we are on red circle overload. It is good though that this symbol is so easily recognizable for our own safety.

  5. legries Says:

    Hi Jason. The pac-man symbol sign is most interesting to be just because of the word “symbol.” It kind of reminds me of Magritte’s “This is a Pipe.” WJT Mitchell claims that such images have the ability to theorize on their own. In this case, the symbol sign is theorizing about what it means to be a symbol. Pretty cool.

    Realize too that the yellow color has symbolic value in the third sign just like the color red in the first sign. Danielle note the universalism of these symbols in terms of overuse, but in order to have universal value, the repetition is integral..The overuse is what helps us be able to interpret these signs so quickly…

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