June 15, 2009


Transgressive signs go beyond their limit. In other words transgressive signs are put in the wrong place at the wrong time or for the wrong reasons.  This is a transgressive sign that is a little bit different from those that we looked at before.  If you saw this sign on a road you were approaching what would your initial reaction be?  It is so contradicting that it is completely confusing.  Enter Only but do not enter.  This sign is transgressive because it is so incompatible and possibly a shot taken on public space.  The driver would determine whether or not this is transgressive when passing by on the road.  I would imagine much uproar would be made about this sign as it could cause accidents and much confusion.


3 Responses to “”

  1. L. Says:

    I like the quirky route you have taken with this assignment. Because we do not know who posted this sign, it is difficult to gauge whether this sign is transgressive or just really “bad” signage due to the confusion it raises. The sign certainly seems to be a prank, but I have seen worse….

    I like the important point you are making though…I wonder what the actually story behind this sign is…

  2. alevtow Says:

    I really like this sign too. I think its funny and it is definatly a good example of a transgressive sign. very creative!

  3. kanangle Says:

    this is an interesting sign cause like you said it is much different than the signs we had seen from group discussion or from the signs our other group mates posted. I liked this sign because instead of bashing and cruel, this sign is transgressive by being confusing. Good job at stepping outside of the box, i never would have seen this as a transgressive sign unless you pointed it out.

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