June 22, 2009

From the reading last week we learned about different public spaces.  These include: exhibit-display spaces, passage spaces, special use spaces, secure spaces, and backstage spaces.  I chose a couple of images that clearly put themselves in the category of one of these spaces.


This would be an example of a passage space.  A national park is an area where people can walk together with others in a common social space without having to keep constant eye out for automobiles.  You can enjoy nature and conversation.  No part of it is marked for special use; simply just to enjoy.  Nobody is being deterred from using this space except for people that ruin it for others.  This is a very enjoyable use of public space.


This sign is an example of a special use space.  A sign like this can be seen in the parking lot of Carousel Mall.  In my opinion this is a total joke and I never follow this.  It is designed to reward people who purchase fuel efficient vehicles.  I find it very funny when I go to the mall and find these spaces open.  They are typically the first ten spots in every row and I will park there with my inifiniti truck.  I definitely violate the rules for this space.


This is an example of a secure space.  It is a warning to drivers that the law is strictly enforced in this area.  Speeding is not tolerated anywhere, but especially here.  Possibly because children are playing on this street a lot, or maybe animals cross this road regularly.  Either way this sign helps to keep this space secure.


3 Responses to “”

  1. legries Says:

    Hi Jason. The sign used to secure space for fuel efficient cars is such an interesting phenomenon and a bizarre example of how people are being encouraged to purchase fuel efficient cars. I wonder who benefits from these signs? Whose idea was it to put these up? Why does carousel mall have them you think? How is their ethos (reputation in consumer’s mind) benefit? This is so strange…

  2. alevtow Says:

    I liked how you used the hybrid cars sign like i did. I think that it is a very useful sign though and I wouldnt violate it. I think it is useful for the enviroment and it is a good way to promote the use of these cars.

  3. kanangle Says:

    It was funny to see that you picked the hybrid car sign as well! Since I have already commented on other group members about that I thought I would talk about how I liked the last image. I live in a development and I have these signs throughout my streets. I know on a first hand account that a parent wanted these signs for safety of their children playing in the streets, like you said. Although these signs are up I am not sure how well they are followed by residents but visitors may attention to the speed limit! So I think it is a great secure zone example.

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