June 26, 2009

For my sustained research project I have chosen to focus on the agreement between the state of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Green Acres Program and the Township of Cherry Hill for the planning incentive program.  Whereas, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Green Acres Program provides loans and/or grants to municipal and county governments and grants to nonprofit organizations for assistance in the acquisition and development of lands for outdoor recreation and conservation purposes.  The Township of Cherry Hill has been active in the State’s Planning Incentive Program since February, 2003 and to date has received a total of $2,050,000 and intends to increase the program with an additional $450,000.

In summary this amendment requires a certain amount of, “empty space” to be left open as “empty space.”  Cherry Hill is fairly populated with a population of 71,586 in a 24.4 sq mile area.  This act requires a certain amount of land to be saved to be left alone.  You cannot build on it; it simply has to be like a park area.  This act should help out with problems such as global warming.  I look forward to doing more research in this area.


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  1. legries Says:

    Hi Jason. This topic sounds as if it will be very appropriate for this paper. I am curious to know how the city is defining “empty space” and what enforcements are in place to protect this “empty space.” I am also curious to know if there is any public tension around using public funding for “empty space.” Whose interests are being served/ not served? Who is included/excluded from the particular lands designated as “empty space”? What qualifies as “empty space”? etc. Interesting topic….Laurie

  2. kanangle Says:

    I like topic, its different from what I saw the other group members wanted to write about. As protecting our environment is getting more and more attention as the years pass I think that you could find a great deal of research on movements companies or individuals are taking in protecting our environment. On the other hand I bet you could find multiple websites that have comments for people who believe that this type of space is “useless” if untouched and that it is better to build and expand the community. It is a controversial topic and would seem fun to research, If you do decide to do this I would show both sides of the argument to show the pros and cons of setting aside land.

  3. alevtow Says:

    I think this is a cool topic as well. i would never have thought to write about it but its very interesting and would make for a great paper.

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