July 20, 2009

For my primary research method I will mainly focus on analysis, but will also be conducting an interview.  I will be collecting data on the Green Acres Program and looking into patterns.  I will need to find more facts about the program and see just how effective it is/has been.  There is a decent amount of literature on this topic and a wealth of information online.  I can perform a survey asking people around Cherry Hill what they think of the program and if they would change anything.  Also, I will be conducting an interview with the New Jersey State Senator John Adler.  He happens to be a family friend of mine so I will be able to easily sit down with him for a little and conduct a Q & A.  I have already spoken to him about it and he is more then willing to do this.  He can give me insight on some of the more intricate details of the program.  He will know how it is affecting all of New Jersey and just how successful it is.  My bias toward this topic would be that sadly I am not the most “green friendly” person in the world.  So I guess I don’t appreciate open land as much as other people would?  I am going into this open minded and really am completely in favor of the Green Acres Program so if anything my bias will somewhat help me with writing my paper.  These next few weeks should be very interesting conducting this research.


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  1. legries Says:

    Hi Jason. it would be helpful for you to construct the questionnaire and interview questions ahead of time. I can offer feedback if you post them to your blog. Laurie

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