freewrite #4

July 27, 2009

For this assignment I chose to use the website as a whole instead of just one article.  First I used the, “New Jersey Keep It Green” website which advocates for the Green Acres Program.  The Keep It Green website represent over 125 statewide environmental organizations.  These organization are all for New Jersey’s Green Acres Program and saving open space.  The purpose of the website is to inform all residents of New Jersey future environmental goals.  When searching for information on the Green Acres Program I stumbled upon this website as both this website refers to the Green Acres Program website; so to does the Green Acres Program refer to the Keep It Green website.  I would consider this website to be truthful, reliable, current, as well as relevant to my topic.

I then went off and used a category of Cherry Hill Township’s webpage titled “Cherry Hill Environmental Advisory Commitee.”  This gave me a wealth of information on open space in New Jersey, specifically Cherry Hill.  This so far has been my most useful online source in terms of unbiased information.  I consider this website to be truthful, balanced and current.  This type of source has been difficult for me to find so I am happy I came across this.

The Keep It Green website is completely for the Green Acres Program; and while the Cherry Hill Township website is pro Green Acres Program as well the information is put in a more realistic way.  By that I mean there are pros, but there are also cons.  This is something that I have not been able to find to much of.  Such as saving open space could force our community to cease from expanding.  Property taxes could go up.  This assignment helped me to see more of the larger picture with my research.


2 Responses to “freewrite #4”

  1. L. Says:

    Hi Jason. Glad you are finding sources that are proving useful to you. I also was hoping you would take time to put your sources into conversation while you evaluated them so you can go ahead and get some pre-writing done. It is really useful to learn how to boost your own ethos by working with sources on the page as modeled on the handout. In the future, you might try this strategy to see how it works for you.


  2. L. Says:

    Also, if you engage with your sources in practice, I can offer feedback on your writing before you even begin to craft your first draft. Laurie

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