freewrite #5

July 27, 2009

After reading Sibley’s article again it becomes very clear to see how his arguments are made in such a free flowing way.  Of course Sibley uses his sources to help prove his argument.  However, he does it in a way where the source does not necessarily make the point for him, but introduce it.  In other words, the Sibley reading is an entire argument made my Sibley with sources being used as confirmations or guidelines.  When I first wrote my research proposal I allowed my sources to speak for me.  This in turn makes me a much weaker writer.  Sibley’s sources add emphasis and deepen the argument without overpowering the paper.

Gilmore, Tom. “An Investment In Our Future.” NJ Keep It Green. The Record, 19 May 2009.

“Every New Jersey resident who has sipped clean drinking water, observed wildlife, or walked or played in a park has enjoyed some of the benefits of our state’s open space.”

This quote brings the term open space to a new mindset.  While most people would first think about open parks (which they may not really care about) this quote puts the term in a different light.  Open space will benefit everyone.

Gilbert, Tom. “Groups Applaud State Legislators for Granting Voters.” NJ Keep It Green. 25 June 2009.

“Today the State Legislature voted with strong bipartisan support in the Senate (26 Yes, 7 No) and Assembly (66 Yes, 9 No, 3 Abstain) to let the New Jersey voters decide in November whether to continue the state’s investments in open space.

This provides straight facts will help to support my argument for implementing the Green Acres Program.  Also it shows that State Legislature obviously gave the publics opinion into account when determining whether or not to use Green Acres Program.

“CHEAC Provides Mayor with Open Space Priority List.” Cherry Hill Township. 2009.

“In addition to leaving open space remain in its natural state, CHEAC has undertaken projects to develop nature and hiking trails at a few existing open space parcels. Cherry Hill has more than 130 tracts of wholly undeveloped open space land, such as wooded areas and open fields, covering more than 700 acres. The Township also had about 90 partially developed open space tracts covering more than 500 acres, which house such resources as nature trails, playgrounds, ball fields, and historical sites.”

This shows the importance of open space specifically to Cherry Hill.  This site will be used as one of my primary sources for information on Cherry Hill along with my interview.


2 Responses to “freewrite #5”

  1. JoeB Says:

    nice. what class is this for?

  2. L. Says:

    Hi Jason. The sources above do seem as if they will be really useful to you, and I am glad you have begun to see how they might work for you on the page. Again, I was hoping you would practice using your sources strategically in pre-writing so I can offer feedback and you can go ahead and get some writing done. I at least hope you are carefully reading over the handouts to learn from the lessons provided therein. Laurie

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