freewrite #6

August 5, 2009

I guess the reason I first became interested in Green Acres Program was from stumbling by an advertisement for it at a local restaurant.  I knew we needed to complete a formal writing on public space for this course so I decided to look more into it.  After a dinner discussion I later found out that a portion of my backyard is Green Acres space that was acquired.  Once I began researching the Green Acres Program I realized it would be perfect for a discussion on public space.  In fact the purpose of the program is to save and create more public spaces.  I wanted to know how effective this program was, how it  works and survey the people of Cherry Hill to find out some of the pros and cons of it.  I would say that my inquiry questions are still the same.  I further researched how this correlates with global warming.  That was very interesting.

I knew absolutely nothing about the Green Acres Program before I started doing research.  I learned that state legislature voted with strong bipartisan support in the senate and assembly to let the New Jersey voters decide whether to continue the state’s investment in open space.  I have gotten the statistics on Cherry Hill public space as well as had an in depth conversation with the New Jersey State governor on why he approves Green Acres Program.

I would still like to know what some of the battles were over the creation of Green Acres.  For example, builders hate the Green Acres Program.  Say a builder buys six acres of land; the Green Acres Program requires that you allocate ten percent of that land for public space.  I am still interested in what other complications arose when designing this.

There are no incongruities amongst my sources.  All seem to be in favor of Green Acres Program providing ample facts to prove why it is necessary.  I still have yet to decide if I truly am in favor of it.  I will give my opinions on the topic at the end of the week.  All sources provide examples of the Green Acres Program as successful.  Including specific land masses that turn out to be famous areas of public space.

My evolving thesis will start off with the general idea that the Green Acres Program was created.  Throughout the paper I will include arguments that show how the Green Acres Program is successful and then make a statement that will rebuttal that argument.

The New Jersey implemented Green Acres Program may not instantly be seen as significant to many residents, however its affect on public space is vital to the development and preservation for our State.


One Response to “freewrite #6”

  1. L. Says:

    Hi Jason. Your evolving thesis sounds really good. I like how it creates a bit of tension and yet still creates a lot of space to develop your arguments. You sound confident that you will have much to say in this essay about the program. I do think it is a good idea to find out more about tensions around the program when it began and wonder if there are any resounding tensions surrounding the program. Laurie

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