June 8, 2009



I chose not to use an advertisement that can be seen around anymore because of how controversial it was.  Joe Camel was the advertising mascot for Camel cigarettes until 1997.  The controversy was that the “Joe Camel” campaign violated federal law by enticing children to smoke.  By using a “cool” cartoon character camel as their mascot kids would become interested.  I chose this advertisement because of how popular it was for so many years and how controversial it was.  Though it clearly gave a nudge for children to smoke Camel cigarettes it was a great idea on the part of Camel cigarettes.  It must have worked for them.  I don’t smoke and never would but I could see as a kid being interested in a commercial or other advertisement with a cartoon camel.  The camel affected public space by showing the camel as a cool, masculine, macho guy smoking cigarettes.  It made it seem like it was the cool thing to do.  Obviously this attempt is very problematic for the reasons stated above.  I tried to pick an advertisement that people may not think about because it has not been around for so long.  Yet, it is a very interesting example especially pertaining to its use in public space.


June 1, 2009


The purpose of this sign is for no smoking.  It is clearly an icon because its physically represents what it stands for.  “Do Not Smoke.”  These signs can be found on airplanes, restaurants, and in fact many public spaces nowadays.  The reason for this is because not everyone likes the smell of smoke and second hand smoke is bad for us.  It is attempting to stop people from smoking.


This image is a symbol.  I chose this image because of the font that it is written in.  When most people see this type of font it symbolizes pac-man.  Even though it does not say it, many people think of it because of the font.  Thus, this font symbolizes pac-man.  It can be seen in arcades and online.  This font makes us think of pac-man.


This road sign is the perfect example of an index.  This sign represents information to a location on the road.  Such as, “slippery when wet.”  These can be found all over the country on all types of roads.